Tragus / Anti-Tragus Piercing

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Tragus / Anti-Tragus Piercing


Did you know that the piercing history, in means of putting sharp objects to your body, dates back 5000 years ago. Tragus piercing became popular around 2005. It is another unique, trendy yet stylish piercing to put your hands on. It is the small piece of cartilage on the inner corner of your ear. When you touch your ear, you feel a rounded triangular shaped flap that is located right in front of your ear canal. That is called tragus and the area exactly opposite to it is called anti-tragus.  Piercing of this area makes an eye-catching impact. A tiny stud that you will use as jewelry for this piercing will add more value.


It is the area of the ear with thick cartilage but it is flexible. The pain level is considered as less compared to other sensitive parts of the body. You may feel more "pressure" than pain.


Healing time will be 3 to 6 months (Not bad, eh?) You just need to be careful to treat it with proper care. Things to keep in mind: Wash your hands properly before touching it, wash the location with a proper disinfectant, don't rotate the jewelry. Better keep your hair tied. Try to avoid using headphones or talking on your mobile with that side for a few weeks at least. The last but not least, do not sleep on your newly pierced side in order to avoid pressure.


You are a lively and energetic person. You add sparkle to gatherings, and everyone comes under your charm, as you always try to add some fun to the parties.


Lucy Hale, Danielle Bregoli, Scarlett Johansson, Jordyn Woods, Chloe Moretz and you are going to be the next 😉

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