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Snug Piercing



Snug piercing is a new trend in the fashion industry. It takes place at the anti-helical position of the ear; that is why it is also called snug piercing. It is gaining more popularity day by day. If you touch your ear between the inner cartilage and outer ear rim you will find the anti-helix position. It is more like rook piercing.


The pain level for this piercing is a little bit higher than the other ear piercings because this area has thick cartilage. Most of the people may rank this piercing as the most painful piercing but we all know that pain also differs from one to the other. If you want to upgrade your look, you must have courage. Just take deep breaths, relax and think that this pain is momentarily, and it will be done.


As it is cartilage piercing, it will usually take 4 to 6 months of the primary healing process. You may experience cartilage bumps, pain, and redness after 2-3 days of piercing, but that is totally normal. Just take the most care and don’t rotate or change the jewelry until your piercing completely heals. Wash it with a disinfectant and don’t touch it without washing your hands first.


You are a balanced person. We are sure that if we ask your friends, they will tell us the same thing for you that you are pretty fair towards others. You are the mediator among people. As you are very good at making decisions among your other characteristics, if your friends would get into a fight, you can work as a saver.


You could be a celebrity with snug piercing because only rare people can bear that much pain.
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