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Monroe Piercing


Although lip piercings have their significance in some ancient cultures, Monroe piercing does not date back so much. Think of Marilyn Monroe and her birthmark/mole on the left side of her lip! That is why it is inserted on the upper lip area, particularly on the left side. It is the resemblance of this iconic beauty! If it is on the right side of the upper lip, it is called Madonna Piercing!


Always keep in mind that pain is relative, one may feel 8 out of 10, the other may say that it was itsy bitsy! But it is so interesting that the lip area is not that painful as everyone assumes. Broadly speaking, the pain level can be said as low to medium on the pain scale.


It takes 6 to 8 weeks to fully recover but it all depends on how much you take care afterwards. Because of the spot, it needs special care. Clean the area multiple times in a day. There may be some swelling after you are pierced, drinking cold drinks or chewing ice cubes may help you with the swelling. Better to use antibacterial mouthwash every night you go to sleep. Please note that lip piercings may cause tooth enamel damage in the long run, so it is better to be extra sensitive with your mouth hygiene.


It definitely gives a vintage look. You want your attraction to be praised. When you enter a place, you expect people to be aware of you but you want to give the impression that you do not care a bit! You know that you have that rebellious side and you can never get enough with only one piercing :)


Amy Winehouse, Ashley Massaro, Christine Dolce, Mutya Buena, Travis McCoy, Trace Cyrus.

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