Conch Piercing

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Conch Piercing


Isn't it interesting that "conch" is pronounced as "konk" in US but "conch" in UK! It is called so because this area resembles a conch shell. You get a lot of room for this piercing. This is the middle portion of your ear cartilage.

If you decide to get this piercing, you can have two options. Either you can go for inner conch piercing or the outer conch piercing. Inner conch is located in the lower cartilage, and you can use a stud for this position while outer conch is found in the upper cartilage, and usually, a ring-shaped jewelry piece is selected for this area which goes around the edge of the ear like a hoop (How exciting does it seem anyway ;) 


Medium, just like any other cartilage piercing, ok, it will hurt more than the lobe piercing but how difficult can it be? Most people handle this pain!


It will take 3 to 6 months for primary healing. Full recovery can take up to 18 months. Aftercare is the most important thing. Disinfect your hands before touching your piercing and avoid using any harmful chemicals. Don’t use any solid piece of jewelry until your piercing healed. Avoid changing or rotating the jewelry and must take care while dressing up.


It shows your beautiful, intimidating yet mysterious nature. You choose your friends very wisely or else prefer to stay alone. You mostly enjoy your own company but if you feel that a person is worthy, you let that person know the real you.


Zoe Kravitz, Cassie Ventura, Nikki Reed, Lia Marie Johnson

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