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Medusa Piercing


Looking for a more exclusive and exotic look this season? Then you should try a hot trending medusa piercing! It is also known as philtrum piercing, which is an upper lip piercing placed in the philtrum, directly under the septum of your nose. This style of piercing has taken the fashion world by storm. Medusa piercing captures your persona as it gives a more balanced look to your face defining your facial features. You can adopt a sleeker, intriguing and subtle look with a simple stud or you can opt for more stylish and extravagant jewelry.


Well, beauty and fashion come at the expense of something! So don’t be alarmed by the fact that you have to go through some pain during the procedure. Due to the presence of nerve endings on the upper lip, the pain is slightly higher but that pinch followed by throbbing is felt only for a few seconds, and then you are done! Just imagine how cool it is to get yourself a bold and unique look at the stake of a pinch of pain.


We use an old standby when you ask us about the healing time- the answer is that the healing depends on the size of your lips and also your body’s immune system. It would be best if you tried something classy and edgy without being over the top. A consensus is reached that medusa will take from 6 to 12 weeks to fully heal. But this is a worth investing deal of fashion as medusa piercing looks sexy and is becoming the rage right now.


Medusa piercing gives you a more bold and elegant look as well showing a fun-loving side of your personality. It draws attention towards your lips, making you irresistible with a piece of jewelry highlighting them. Medusa is a classic combination of spunky and daring personality. It looks strikingly beautiful when matched with inventive jewelry.
If you want to rock your looks to its fullest than medusa is what you are looking for. The fun part is the selection of jewelry from a wide range of lip studs.


Zhavia Ward
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