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EyeBrow Piercing


It is one of the coolest piercings one could have. People started having this piercing at the '70s, and it is still gaining more popularity day by day because of the stylish look that it gives. That is why its demand is increasing for acceptance in the fashion industry. You can have it in both a horizontal and vertical position. To start with, as it is a surface piercing, do not hurry to pick yours just for your taste. The most crucial thing to do is deciding on the shape, the metal type and the size of the eyebrow piercing. For the best result, always listen to your experienced piercer choose the curved barbell as it will give you the shortest healing time.


It is a surface piercing, so the pain level can be considered as the medium. But it is very important to choose where and how you are pierced plus how much you take care of afterwards. Choose your piercer very wisely.


Being a sensitive area, it could take almost 6-8 months for the healing process. Better to choose titanium or gold as your initial piercing as these heal the soonest. Whenever you wash your face, the soap will affect the healing of the piercing. Don't try to change your jewelry before your piercing heals completely.
Avoid waxing your eyebrows during the healing time. Don't use makeup on that area; it will cause irritation and don't put any bandage; it will pressurize the holes and cause more pain.


You are definitely a tough one! However, you only let the close ones to see your soft side that is hidden inside.


Scarlett Johansson, Kirstin Maldonado, Keyshia Cole, Fergie, Keke Palmer

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