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Industrial Piercing



Do you have a standard lobe piercing already? Do you want to modify your natural look to something catchier? We recommend you to opt for industrial piercing. It is actually a connection of two piercings in cartilage. Mostly it’s the forward helix and helix part connected through a bar. It is also called scaffold piercing or construction piercing but usually known as ‘the bar’.

You can place that bar in multiple ways like horizontal position, vertical position or lopsided. The choice is yours, which suits best for your style.


A little higher than medium, as it involves two piercings at the same time. Also because it’s a cartilaginous piercing, it may give you more of a pressure feeling than pain.


Healing time is as healthy as any cartilage could get, which is usually 2 to 6 months which is variable for different skin types. But aftercare is the most important thing because it involves two piercings and you may feel soreness, redness, and pain for the first two weeks. But don’t worry, it is pretty standard. Just be more careful about dressing up and brushing your hair as hair can get tangled with the bar, which may cause more pain.


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