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Daith Piercing


Did you know that it is pronounced as "doth" piercing! Mostly ear piercings are named according to the part where they get pierced. Daith is the piercing in the innermost cartilage of ear fold. It looks very unique and stylish on its own You can flaunt it by wearing a diversity of jewelry items mostly in the ring forms.


It can be considered as medium to high maybe but it all depends on the person's tolerance level. It can be more painful than a simple ear lobe piercing but it is not unbearable. Always choose a professional piercer with experience. But once you get it, you will never regret your choice because of its eye-catching and appealing look, which will be a part of your personality.

It is interesting that some people say this piercing helps them relieve their migraines or headaches but keep in mind that it is not clinically proven.


Healing time depends on your aftercare situation. Mostly it is 4 to 6 months as it is a cartilaginous piercing. Always use some effective disinfectant and avoid touching it without washing your hands. In order to avoid discomfort, it is better to keep in mind not to sleep on that side of yours during the healing period.


You definitely have a focused and confident personality. You have always known who you are. You are sure of your life goal, what you want and how to get it. Achievement is guaranteed for you. Nobody can drive you away from your path and at the same time, you never lose your exciting social side.


Bella Thorne, Zoe Kravitz, Kylie Jenner
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