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Septum Piercing



If we take a brief look at the historical background of septum piercings, septum rings were used in warrior tribes. Let’s start by defining what this "septum" means. It is a thin part of dividing tissues or spaces in an organ. Our septum is the nasal septum!
The nasal septum is the part of your nose that separates the left and the right nostril.


Septum Piercing is the piercing you get right at the spot between your nostrils. It is done by a needle that goes through the thin and flexible part at the very front of your nose as called “sweet spot” (gives relief as you read it, right?). For the ones who are thinking of getting a septum piercing for the first time, here is the good news: pain can be considered as “mild” compared to other parts!


Pain is in the “nose” of the beholder for sure, but generally, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks. When you see that it is well healed, you can change the piercing. Otherwise, it is not wise to move it before it is completely healed.


As it was the symbol of being a warrior, are you one of them, too? Do you carry that fearless soul? Do you also feel like you have the power to challenge in life? People who choose to have a septum piercing, in general, are the ones who are fearless with that warrior soul. They show your rebellious side even though it is popular among other cultures, too. Do you want to show your fearless side? If YES, then SEPTUM Piercing is the right choice for you.


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