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Rook Piercing


The name itself raises the question most, right? Well, it is not related to anything with castle:) Rook piercing became so popular recently thanks to its cool look that it gives to you. Rook is the area between the outer ear and the inner conch. It is actually a cartilage piercing right at the anti-helix position and is usually done in a vertical position. Because of its location, it is a bit hidden charm but for sure it looks attractive!


It can be said as low to medium. Its pain level is no exception to any other piercing, maybe you get to feel the pressure more than pain. But it is not that much painful as one could expect it to be. Initially, it will hurt you with a sharp sensation, but it will get dull after some time.


Healing time is totally dependent on how you take care of it. It usually takes 6 months because it is the cartilaginous area. Your skin type also differentiates the duration. The best way is to use sea salt in distilled water to clean your rook piercing. Avoid rotating or altering the jewelry every day, try not to use your mobile on that side for a while or sleep on that side.


For sure you have an adventurous personality. You love to try new things and get new experiences rather than sticking to the same old traits. You walk with the changing trends and the latest fashion look. Adventurous nature won’t let you stop at a single place or same experience, we are sure that you will keep on exploring the world.


Chantel Jeffries, Brooke Hyland, Samantha Maria, Vanessa Hanson, Sky Ferreira
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